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Innerscope Hearing Tech. (OTCQB:INND) Announces Plans to Uplist to Higher Stock Exchange with more National “Big Box” Retailers.

Step back a year, the Moore family positioned themselves as one of the worlds leaders in creating and selling affordable hearing devices with over $30,000,000 (yes, 30 million dollars) worth of hearing devices. This led the Moore family to successfully selling their 20 location Audiological Brick & Mortar Private Practice to a Global Hearing Aid Manufacture for a total deal worth over $14,000,000 dollars. Instead of taking the money and planning an early retirement, the Moore family pushed ever further with the company Innerscope Hearing Technology (OTC:INND), now in the initial stages of uplisting to a high stock exchange with plans to sign with even more national big box retailers.

In a recent release by the CEO,

InnerScope is rapidly expanding its “Sales Revenue Pipeline” by continuing its efforts to work with National “Big Box” Retailers and National Pharmacy Chains and expects to sign many more distribution agreements for its Hearing Products Portfolio by the end of the 2019.

This is allowing the company to simultaneously reduce their debt and reliance on third party financing due to the month to month consistent increase in revenues. This is now allowing them to put into motion the companies desire to uplist to a higher stock exchange with the following statement from the CEO, Matthew Moore,

As Revenues and InnerScope’s Company Awareness continues to increase, InnerScope plans to up-list to a Senior Exchange.

This echos a recent comparative analysis report between INND and IntriCon Corporation (NASDQ:IINIIN), who analysts believe will be overtaken by INND within 1 to 2 years.

….Why? The company decided to start in the Over-The-Counter markets to raise money their first, then move on the NASDAQ. I have covered corporate moves like this in the past, and this is a perfect case study of a small company doing a good job keeping it appearing to be small, which strategically aligning their assets and acquisitions to move quickly to NASDAQ or other NT500 stock exchanges.


InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND) Reports Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results & Update on Key Revenue Growth Initiatives

Disclaimer: and its editors are not compensated by Innerscope Hearing Technologies or any of the companies mentioned in this analysis in any capacity. This is a weekly analysis piece from previously featured companies.

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