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US Cannabis Company Shows off Product line-up at Trade Show as they prepare to Uplist to Higher Exchange.

The Kingdom of eSwatini recently granted a United States company called Profile Solutions Inc., (OTC:PSIQ) preliminary approval to establish a large growing farm and processing plant. Analysts suggest this deal will bolster the countries economic standing, and create new jobs and infrastructure. 
According to a recent press release, PSIQ has $ 2.5 million in attorney escrow. The additional $ 2.5 mil ($5 mil in the aggregate) is to be transferred once PSIQ receives the license.

According to the company, this significant venture stands to bring in enough revenue to position PSIQ among the top Cannabis Stocks in the US, based on revenue.

“We anticipate $ 12 — $ 20 million to come from the sale of Medical Cannabis and up to $ 10 million to come from the sale of CBD Hemp.

Now, the company awaits final approvals for one of its major milestones, that of up-listing to a higher stock exchange (OTCQB); the last hurdle before it sets its sights on NASDAQ.

Dan Oran, CEO of PSIQ stated

“We believe we’re developing a business model deserving a stronger presence in the financial markets. With consecutive strong revenue gains quarter-over-quarter and increasing market share, we are poised and ready to become a fully reporting SEC Company. Our continued growth, transparency by audit and registration of our securities with the SEC, sets the stage for significant opportunities.”

As the company awaits finals approvals, they were spotted at the Champs Trade Show, showing off their impressive new line up of CBD and Hemp products, which can be seen by the following video.

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