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Reverse Merger Candidate Updates it’s Share Structure; Investors Take Notice

Biopower Operations Corp (OTC:BOPO) has officially updated it share structure in full (LRT), with confirmation that its authorized number of shares is still level at 100 million. Most interestingly, this comes after the company has witnessed a sudden increase in volume that is greater than the trailing 5 years of the companies trading history.

According to a report by Nico Wolff at, there appears to be a connection between Biopower Operations Corp (OTC:BOPO), and possibly a very large energy company, that of WPP Energy.

Further due diligence shows the following,

Potential Merger partnership between BioPower Operations Corp and WPP Energy. Both companies have been involved in the renewable energy sector using the same technologies and share common Executive, Robert D Kohn, the co-founder of BioPower Operations Corp. You will see that the found and President of WPP energy, Rafael Ben Benshaya is also on filings for WBI holdings LLC, which was founded by Robert Kohn and shares the same address as Biopower Operations Corp. There are currently 3 officers from WPP energy that are on filings for WBI holdings LLC at this time.

Additionally, a past Press Release from 2018 shows that WPP energy is in negotiations with a public company to provide stock in their WPP Truck a Mobile Waste Plant company. It is intended that the sale of the WPP trucks will be for 1.5 million each and that the three manufacturing facilities to be built in the USA. It is projected that the facilities operating at 60% of capacity in its first year will produce approximately $3,000,000,000 of gross revenues.

The following is a compilation of a recent due diligence package. To note, has not independently confirmed any aspect of the merger, but rather we are reporting on reports coming out from third party. As developments unfold, we will continue to post coverage. As it stands now, this is a editor market commentary publication.

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