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A Ranking of the Biggest Cannabis Stocks by Revenue

….with 2 New Stocks to be added to the Rankings.

Marijuana stocks have seen record activity in the trailing 12 months, with no suggestion of slowing down. In Canada, the recreational market opened for business in October with Canopy Growth and Cronos Group securing multibillion-dollar investments from S&P 500 consumer goods companies, U.S. states with adult-use laws climbed to 10; and Congress finally passed the much anticipated hemp farming bill. Now in the initial stages of 2019, marijuana activity as while continues to soar and that could have you considering which marijuana stocks are best for your portfolio. A good place to start is to construct a list centered around who is a legitimate marijuana company that is expected to maintain its footing int he industry.

Its safe to assume the king of the Cannabis castle, Canopy Growth, will be ocypying to top spot in our list, leveraging its 30%-plus market share in Canada’s medical marijuana market, bringing in $4 billion investment from beer, wine, and spirits.

Constellation Brands ranks as the №1 premium beer company in the U.S., with best-selling brands Corona and Modelo. While the beer industry, in general, hasn’t grown all that much, Constellation has generated industry-leading growth thanks to its high-end and craft beers.

Aurora Cannabis has also taken advantage of its status as an early leader, using its shares to orchestrate multiple acquisitions that have catapulted sales and potential peak marijuana production capacity.

Scotts Miracle-Gro. Most of Scotts’ revenue still comes from its consumer lawn and garden products business. However, Scotts Miracle-Gro still qualifies as a U.S. marijuana stock because of its Hawthorne Gardening subsidiary.The story is similar at competing growers Aphria, Cronos Group, Tilray, and CannTrust, which arguably also make the cut as top-tier cannabis companies.

Who are the top 2 stocks that are expected to be added to the list of the top Cannabis Companies?

#1 Profile Solutions Inc (PSIQ) Taking our number 1 slot two months in a row now, is Profile Solutions Inc., (PSIQ). PSIQ is the company behind the famous Cheech and Chong brand, 100% owner of Elite Hemp Products International, and the recent recipient of 2.5 million dollars for the exclusive license to establish a Cannabis growing operation in the African region of eSwatini. Currently trading at only $0.35, PSIQ has had recent price analysis reports putting it near $2.45 in share price based on its recent acquisitions, and soon-to-be stock exchange up-listing.

Released Article from eSwatini, showing the pending deal may already be complete.

Dan Oran, CEO of PSIQ stated, “To become the only licensed growing farm and processing plant for medical cannabis & hemp in The Kingdom of eSwatini, our mission has been to secure the required licenses, permits, land, resources and capital to commence operations. We believe Stem Ventures is the right partner to commence operations with. In addition to providing financing, we anticipate Stem Ventures being a value-added partner due to its investor base of financers, entrepreneurs and medical professionals as well as experience in all things Cannabis.”

This company has already secured the deals needed to launch it to the mid-pack of the Cannabis Giants. While PSIQ moves forward with the current deals in place, they are actively pursuing new deals, which will only solidify it among the top Cannabis players. From this, we expect PPS ranges (PRM Analysis) between $2.00 and $4.50 PPS within the first 3 quarters of 2019.

#2 Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (IGPK). We really like IGPK, with its recent corporate activity that is signaling a shift in their plans. Most interesting, the company has settled two of the outstanding debts and executed a S/A with a 3rd debt holder. Therefore, all debts have been settled for cash/no shares-issued. IGPK can now move forward on purchasing the farm and getting a license, which was the subject a recent press release, quoted here,

Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc., (OTCPINK: IGPK) has agreed to purchase the 200 acre farm the test grow is being planted on, after a successful harvest of the 20 acres. The purchase of the farm will give Integrated a solid real estate Asset on the books.

The parties have agreed on a purchase price of $1,500,000 for the property that includes 3 sections of tillable land totaling 160 acres. The back history on the farm has proven both hemp and tobacco have been successfully planted on this farm. The soil is so rich in nutrients the crops require very little water. The farm has its own brook and water rights with pumping stations.

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